Settings and Tweaks

This weekend I made a bunch of small but important changes, and one mostly frivolous change:

  • Changed the planter and ground art to emphasise the planters and de-emphasise the kerbs of the footpaths - some people thought they were impassable barriers!
  • Moved the player to start at the edge of the map - another measure to discourage the fear of kerbs and encourage exploration.
  • Moved the thirst indicators to the edge of the screen, which is a more natural location for them I think. They are also now graduated between some thirst and critical thirst.
  • Changed the targeting reticule to follow the mouse exactly if the player is using the mouse. It is now completely broken for controller, but I will come back to that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Improved the player knockback when they are hit by an enemy.
  • Added some knockback for the enemies as well.
  • Fixed a visual bug where dead enemies and seeds were sort of jiggling around as you rotated.
  • Added a sound effect for enemies.
  • Added back in mouse capture and cursor hiding, but only during the actual game.

The frivolous change was the little bit of chromatic aberration you can see in the gif above when you get hit! I think it needs some tweaking so to be pixel perfect, it makes the art look a bit blurry at the moment.

Menus and Settings

I guess the big changes are really the settings and pause menus. Godot makes it really easy to put stuff like this together, but it was still quite time consuming. I regretted not having these in place before the jam. You can now switch between three different amounts of camera shake, and there is limited support for non-QWERTY keyboards.

They still need a bit of work to style those sliders and make sure they work with a controller (ha ha I already know they don't).

Next Steps

That's it for now! The next thing I tackle will probably be to add fruit harvesting, a scoring system, and better difficulty curve.

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