A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A game about robots and their silly ideas about ancient technology.

Human kind is long extinct, replaced by the race of artificially intelligent robots that they created in their image.

For centuries they have picked over the ruins of human civilisation, searching for hints as to the intentions of their creators, something to give their lives meaning. Religions rise and fall over the scattered fragments of data that they can gather.

One such religion has as its most holy relic an ancient storage device with a single commandment inscribed on its face: "Colin's Stuff - Do Not Touch". They do not have the means to read it, and intend to ensure that nobody ever does...

But now, a heretical sect has discovered another artifact, one with a 3.5" slot in its face, and a war for control of the sacred disk seems inevitable...

WASD to move

Right mouse aims, which also slows your movement

Left mouse fires while aiming


WriteOnly.zip 49 MB
WriteOnly.app.zip 30 MB
WriteOnlyPostJam.app.zip 29 MB
WriteOnly Post Jam.zip 18 MB
WriteOnly x86 Post Jam.zip 16 MB

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