A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Build your rat town in the polluted wasteland, but beware - as your population grows so too does the nightly threat...


  • Mouse wheel to zoom
  • WASD or arrow keys to pan around
  • Mouse for clickin' on stuff


Programming & Design by @No_Aim91

Art by me, @randomhuman

Music and Sound by Oniwaka

Soundtrack available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp


rattendorf-windows.zip 21 MB
Rattendorf.app.zip 29 MB
Rattendorf - fixed.zip 20 MB
Rattendorf Post-Jam.app.zip 29 MB


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Such an awesome game, just a shame of the bugs. After getting a fatal bug for the third time, I just had to stop. There also seems to be an issue when you try to place a building on a tile where there was previously a building (which has been destroyed).

Just for clarification I did play the version with "fixed" in the title.