A post-jam update for playtesting!

How to Play

As before, just try to get to the edge of the table without getting poked. Cover near large objects to avoid threats. When cover is sparse, watch out for the snacks, they usually point towards the next cover. If you're caught without cover, sprint, dodge, and roll!

WASD or arrow keys to move, shift to run, space to roll.

Controller should also work - XBox A to run, B to roll. I don't know about other controllers.


  • Various cosmetic changes which I won't list, new animations etc.
  • You can now dodge the tentacles if you time a change of direction right, or a roll.
  • Eh, you can now roll as well as sprint. Rolling is much faster but drops your stamina immediately to 0.
  • There are now four stages of difficulty (every 2 people you save). They are not indicated, but there is different cover, and for the later difficulties...
  • ...there's a new threat - cards being dropped on you from above. A shrinking shadow will indicate where it is going to fall, but you should be able to dodge out of the way at the last second. The dropped object can then provide cover.

Known Issues

The music in the web version stutters when restarting. I don't know if I will ultimately release a web version.


People Poker Linux x64.zip 58 MB
People Poker Linux x86.zip 58 MB
People Poker MacOSX.zip 59 MB
People Poker Windows x64.zip 57 MB
People Poker Windows x86.zip 56 MB

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