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Out of Gas

Haze & Lee are deep in debt due to ill-advised borrowing of a cryptocurrency with a deflationary monetary policy. Help them flee deeper and deeper into the wild and lawless areas of the galaxy where they might have a chance of escaping their creditors.

My Ludum Dare 48 entry on the theme "Deeper and Deeper".

How to Play

Get to the end of the map without running out of gas or dying, and Haze & Lee can live happily debt-free for the rest of their days.

Click the "Jump" button in the top right of the screen to access the star map, where you can select your next destination.

In each system you will be presented with a scenario through dialogue, and sometimes combat.

When you encounter combat, click on the enemy to fire at them. You may acquire a second weapon during the game, which you can fire with a right click.


Out of Gas Windows x86_64.zip 18 MB
Out of Gas Windows x86.zip 18 MB
Out of Gas Linux x86_64.zip 19 MB
Out of Gas Linux x86.zip 18 MB
Out of Gas.zip 19 MB

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Really fun experience! Love the RNG of it all and the aesthetic is incredible!


Made with GODOT! noice


This game was really cool! I'll make a YouTube video on it, if that's cool, and I'll post it here when I do

Thanks for the game!


Yeah go for it of course, I appreciate it! Thanks for playing!


I like the ftl system! And this great graphics!!