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fallback to GLES2, plz!


Post-apocalyptic *AND* gopher? Yes. So much yes. I love the visuals. I have no idea what the actual plan for this game is, but eventually pulling some content from real-world gopher would be fascinating. Well done!


very nice!


Thanks for making such a neat little game! Played through it super quick. Only died once!


This was fun, thanks! and the game's already burrowing its way through gopherspace...


Brilliant concept and I love the aesthetic. My only complaint is pedantic and stupid, but as a gopher lover I would be remiss if I didn't mention it. The gopher URLs you're using in-game don't have item types. If you're linking to another menu it would be something like gopher:// (see the /1 bit). If you were linking to a text resource then it would be /0. See Wikipedia for more types.

See, I said the comment was stupid and pedantic, didn't I?

Anyway, don't ever stop working on this. It's brilliant and I want more!


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Oh interesting, I didn't realize the type had to go in the URL. I'll keep that in mind for future updates! Thank you for your pedantry o7


I'm leaving a comment here because for some reason the LDJAM page wouldn't let me,

You did a very excellent job with this game. The graphics, story, and audio were all on point for creating a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. My only complaint is that I wish it was a bit longer because I was invested into this world. Overall a really good job!