A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Keep a gopher network alive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland - your community will thank you for it.

How to Play

Click around with the mouse to move and interact with things.

To expand the gopher network, find the antenna masts on the surface and point them at a signal source. The indicator will tell you if you're getting close to the signal.

You can only spend a few minutes above ground because of the radiation, so make sure you hurry back to your bunker!

Art Timelapse


Much thanks to everybody who played and rated my game!


Gophers Windows x86.zip 25 MB
Gophers Windows x64.zip 25 MB
Gophers Linux x86.zip 26 MB
Gophers Linux x64.zip 27 MB
Gophers MacOSX.zip 27 MB


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I really liked it, awesome game. Never died, love the gopher protocol idea. Awesome game, just too short.

fallback to GLES2, plz!


Post-apocalyptic *AND* gopher? Yes. So much yes. I love the visuals. I have no idea what the actual plan for this game is, but eventually pulling some content from real-world gopher would be fascinating. Well done!


very nice!


Thanks for making such a neat little game! Played through it super quick. Only died once!


This was fun, thanks! and the game's already burrowing its way through gopherspace...


Brilliant concept and I love the aesthetic. My only complaint is pedantic and stupid, but as a gopher lover I would be remiss if I didn't mention it. The gopher URLs you're using in-game don't have item types. If you're linking to another menu it would be something like gopher:// (see the /1 bit). If you were linking to a text resource then it would be /0. See Wikipedia for more types.

See, I said the comment was stupid and pedantic, didn't I?

Anyway, don't ever stop working on this. It's brilliant and I want more!


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Oh interesting, I didn't realize the type had to go in the URL. I'll keep that in mind for future updates! Thank you for your pedantry o7


I'm leaving a comment here because for some reason the LDJAM page wouldn't let me,

You did a very excellent job with this game. The graphics, story, and audio were all on point for creating a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. My only complaint is that I wish it was a bit longer because I was invested into this world. Overall a really good job!