A downloadable interactive narrative for Windows, macOS, and Linux


A short narrative experience about an ecological and personal catastrophe. Developed over 48 hours for the Alakajam 3 game jam.

The audio is loud and intentionally abrasive - turn down your audio if you have sensitive ears.

Content Warning: Depression

How To Play

Click on the dirt plots to perform the planting and harvesting for the day, then click on the shack to end the day. Click to advance dialogue.

Art Timelapse

Jam Results


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Dirt 0.1.1.dmg 30 MB
Dirt0.1.1_Win32.zip 11 MB
Dirt0.1.1_Linux.zip 15 MB


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-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 04:12 (The 3rd Game)

Thanks for playing!


Interesting story and nice art, but I would have liked some more gameplay. Maybe watering the plants?

What an interesting little story this is - seeming to try to capture the feeling of percieved failure under pressure.
I played it as part of my massive "10 Horror Games" halloween video (you can find the time code for your game specifically in the description). Thanks for the interesting little piece!

I liked the design and color pallet of that game



In my opinion you'd have deserved a better placement in the 3rd Alakajam! with this game, but on the other hand, I am pleased that you won the first place in the graphics and sound category. Highly earned! :) With every dark night in your game, the following day is becoming more bleak as well. I thought it was fantastic that you tackled the issue of depression with the serious attitude it deserves. I hope there will be more people to try it out, because it's absolutely worth to investing some minutes in it. <3 That's why I recommended your game in our compilation article about the jam and showed one minute of gameplay in the accompanying video as well. :) Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,


Wow, this game was quite an experience - very impressive for only 48 hrs work! Congrats! :D

Firstly, you nailed the visuals and music (as your jam result confirms) - the game looks stunning and those synth sounds are so sweet, they hark back to my 80's yoof :o)

This game was MUCH darker than I expected, but again, more credit to you for being able to create such a strong narrative in a) 48 hrs, but also b) with the player in such a short play-time.


I loved(?) how you represented the looming pressure/depression with the visuals in the background - very effective.  With the ending - I wasn't sure whether the farmer just gave up farming (or on life) at the end, but I guess it doesn't really matter - either way, I think you've created a pretty strong message/feeling here.

Lastly, ...are you ok?*

*Said slightly "tongue-in-cheek", but after seeing content like this, I feel it would be remiss of me if I didn't remind you that I'm only Tweet away if you wanna chat! ;o)

Thanks Paul, glad you enjoyed! And yes I'm fine, but thanks for asking :)



so simple its good


Simple gameplay but a really good game. We loved the pixel art stule and the athmosphere.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Even though the gameplay was very simplistic, you really managed to create the athmosphere you were aiming for. That combination of dark-ish color for graphics and the "abrasive" background music really created that depression-like athmosphere.

And keeping in mind that you made this in just 48 hours... wow! This is really amazing.


A mature themed version of book HOLES?


Short, bleak, and a little spoopy, Dirt provides an interesting look into one man's struggle on an unsuccessful farm. The pixels are simple, yet effective, and the low tones of the audio work well to set the mood.

Good job, dev. You made a nice thing.

I was little scared, but thanks for the gaming experience! :)

In just 48 hours you showed such a strong atmosphere - master.


Tidy little game, nice animations and wonderful music, I agree with the previous comments  in that the ending was a little open.

I'm guessing the struggle was overwhelmed the character but I feel if you'd written a concrete ending instead of leaving it up to the player the impact would be a lot more.

Overall though I enjoyed it, quick to complete with a bow.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for making!


Really cool game, however the story kinda drops at the end, maybe you could add some clarity? I though that the ghosts could surround his house as the night cutscene began, then they would be gone in the morning and the farmer wouldn't come out.

OpenGL error here ;-;


Merci pour ce jeu! Une métaphore très fidèle d'une maladie trop souvent mal comprise. Je suis touché! 

Merci beaucoup!


A cool narrative driven game. The story is deep, but subtle. I would like to see some form of closure. Returning to the title screen seems like a drop in the flow of the story. Maybe something like he doesn't come back outside the next day or something. 

Thanks for playing, great video!


Dirt was a very deep narrative game. It was short but, that's what made it great and, got it's message across clear. If this game were longer I don't think it would of had the same weight as, it being short.

Thanks, I appreciate that!


Hello, I make gameplay video from your game. I hope in the future the story be more long.

Note: I'm sorry if my English is bad.


Oh, peertube! Here's my peertube account if you're interested, just one video so far because I had to move from an instance with a really small upload limit: https://peertube.social/accounts/hyperlinkyourheart/videos

Thanks for playing!


Ok, thank you for making this game.


what happens to the farmer?!

What do you think happens to him?


The big ghosts help him plant crops and he adopts them

Congratulations, this is now canon.



the ghosts eat him


It's an interesting, thought provoking game for my LP. My main issue is the ambiguity of the ending. It just kinda drops at the end. I hope you can add some clarity for the ending.


Gave it a play. It was really building then just fell flat. Kinda dissapointed on how it ends. Anyway, made a video of it. 

That seems to be the consensus alright! Thanks for checking it out anyway :)


It built a really interesting situation for me and then abruptly ended. I feel like it was really going somewhere. Like watching a movie, getting to the end and then thinking.. wait why is there not more?!

The one thing I really think could be worked is the dialog the character says when you have work to do but try to sleep. It breaks the depth and mood of the character/game that you worked hard to build. It comes off as too mechanical. You can watch my reaction to it here:

Watch Get Played | Alakajam! 3 Part 1 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv


Here's my LP/Review - My qualms probably are mostly with the direction that is the ending, I explain in-video what I mean for the developer.

Thanks for playing! Sorry you felt the ending was a bit of an anti-climax, but I appreciate the feedback. FWIW I thought it was pretty strongly implied that the farmer killed himself, but I guess it wasn't as clear as I thought...

Oh yeah and "Always Dying" was the working title that I forgot to change in the window title before release!

Yea, it didn't feel obvious to me, I Assumed it was a possibility - but people muttering 'Why bother' and suicide doesn't sound realistic, coming from a guy who also majors psychology xD Which is why visual stimuli would help reinforce an impactful image that the dread took over 'that' strongly imo. Otherwise I could also imagine the farmer just go "Why bother" and sleep it off or become a vegetable. xD Still, I love the art and atmosphere otherwise.


I played the game  and found it interresting . It has a weird enfing but ikts cool for speedruns 

Thanks Fabian, glad you enjoyed!